n. & v.
1 an action or scheme undertaken to fool, outwit, or deceive.
2 an optical or other illusion (a trick of the light).
3 a special technique; a knack or special way of doing something.
4 a a feat of skill or dexterity. b an unusual action (e.g. begging) learned by an animal.
5 a mischievous, foolish, or discreditable act; a practical joke (a mean trick to play).
6 a peculiar or characteristic habit or mannerism (has a trick of repeating himself).
7 a the cards played in a single round of a card-game, usu. one from each player. b such a round. c a point gained as a result of this.
8 (attrib.) done to deceive or mystify or to create an illusion (trick photography; trick question).
9 Naut. a sailor's turn at the helm, usu. two hours.
1 deceive by a trick; outwit.
2 (often foll. by out of, or into + verbal noun) cheat; treat deceitfully so as to deprive (were tricked into agreeing; were tricked out of their savings).
3 (of a thing) foil or baffle; take by surprise; disappoint the calculations of.
Phrases and idioms:
do the trick colloq. accomplish one's purpose; achieve the required result. how's tricks? colloq. how are you? not miss a trick see MISS(1). trick cyclist
1 a cyclist who performs tricks, esp. in a circus.
2 sl. a psychiatrist. trick of the trade a special usu. ingenious technique or method of achieving a result in an industry or profession etc. trick or treat esp. US a children's custom of calling at houses at Hallowe'en with the threat of pranks if they are not given a small gift. trick out (or up) dress, decorate, or deck out esp. showily. up to one's tricks colloq. misbehaving. up to a person's tricks aware of what a person is likely to do by way of mischief.
tricker n. trickish adj. trickless adj.
Etymology: ME f. OF dial. trique, OF triche f. trichier deceive, of unkn. orig.

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